Plug and Play Melee Tutorial

You guys requested melee tutorial and I’m right after game jam where my colleague (cheers Tomek!) did really simple but powerful melee weapon. This tutorial will be about:

  • How to do melee damage,
  • Create basic weapon class to drive melee damage,
  • Weapons can be added to AI characters as well and they will do melee damage to others as well (Player and other AI)
  • There will be two versions: one without any additional preparation and second one in which you need to add sockets to weapon mesh.

So, lets go!

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Melee Weapon Tutorial – Feedback Request!

I will do Complete Melee Weapon tutorial from requested tutorials guys and I’m thinking how much it should cover. Currently my list have:

  • Attacking animations,
  • Calculating hit,
  • Dealing damage to enemy,
  • Stamina system,
  • Combo system,
  • Melee enemy so we will fight with some AI,
  • Blocking hits using shield or weapon (depending on what arms asset I will find)
  • Use of FABRIK for animation e.g. sword follows the angle of your mouse when you swing,

Please let me know what exactly you would like to learn about melee weapon.

Another thing is – should I use free assets for this tutorial? If yes some of these functionalities (like attacking animations, blocking hits, melee enemy) can’t be done completely.

I will try to find cheap assets and mostly use free one but I’m currently not sure if all of them will be free. (if you like you can post links to free assets – hands with animations, shield, sword, enemy with melee animations) Please let me know in comments!

Turret Tutorial

UE4Editor 2015-08-28 15-04-53-112

In this tutorial I will focus on Turrets. Couple of goals:

  • Create base turret blueprint to be able to drive custom turrets,
  • Implement idle state and moving state,
  • Manage targets,
  • Easy way to tell Turret which type of Actors should fire,

Remember the moment from Alien 2 movie with turrets? This will be almost the same.

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UMG: Change weapon panel

This will be more advanced post but you will learn a lot about UMG->Blueprint communication. Here are my goals:

  • Draw all slot weapons informations,
  • Change weapons from UMG panel,
  • Will work on PC and Touch,
  • Player shouldn’t be able to choose weapon which don’t have ammo,
  • Player should see which weapon is currently equipped,
  • When choosing weapons do slomo and DOF effect,

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Creating Sniper Rifle


As I wrote earlier will try to implement all of the weapons from Military Silver Pack. Next in line is Sniper Rifle. Again we would need to implement new functionality to BaseWeapon – second fire. In this case second fire will trigger sniper scope.

  • Sniper Rifle should have zoom and sniper scope functionality,
  • I want to have “bullet time” effect triggered sometimes, (camera chasing bullet),
  • Use BaseWeapon functionalities to drive the weapon,

Lot of new stuff coming here.

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Creating Shotgun

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 14.01.27

In earlier post we have added shooting functionality for base weapon. Now let’s upgrade this class to support Shotgun that came with Military Weapons Silver package.

  • Shotgun will fire more bullets than other weapons, (Burst functionality)
  • Its single shoot shotgun with automatic reloading, (custom reload functionality)
  • Spread will be different,
  • Impulse for ragdoll will be different, (Add ImpulsePower to BaseWeapon)
  • Custom animation for FPP Hands to carry shotgun,

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