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Indie development has been never so good as now. Ready to use engines, for small price. Marketplaces where you can buy assets or even find something for free. Lot’s of resources and possibility to ship a game by yourself is something that blow my mind:) I will try to show that you can create games from scratch and the only thing that is needed is determination and hard work.

ShooterTutorial is about sci-fi shooter game and I’m going step by step how to create game like this using Unreal Engine 4.  You can read old tutorials as well, they might be useful.

I’m creating this blog alone during my free time. Many thanks for all of the Backers!

About me

Professional game developer for 13 years now. Indie developer almost from day one. Worked on many genres: role playing, fighting, first person shooters, racing, real time strategy, arcade, simulation and more. Focusing mostly on mobile development. ~50 games shipped. My main role is project owning (producer) but I’ve small experience in almost all game production related stuff: design, gameplay design, level design, programming, lighting, meshing, sound design, ui design, bizdev.

You can connect with me on linkedin.


7 thoughts on “About Blog

  1. Hi, I’m one of the founders of communities UE4 Russian-speaking. I would like to begin to transfer your lessons in Russian language and whether it is possible to talk to you then?

  2. Hi dear sir,
    we have a app-store with more than 7 million users. is it possible to use of your expertise? because we have a game and we want to publish it but we have no idea if its good to be publisher or work with a publisher??my email is zojaji@myket.ir i am waiting for your response also i send connection request in LinkedIn to you.
    best regard

  3. Hello,

    Hi my name is Tanya and I work in the field of online marketing. I came across your website and think it’s great.

    The reason for my email is with regards a promotion of one of my clients. He has great products which we feel would be very well received by people visiting your blog.

    It would be great if you could give me your price for writing a product review with a dofollow link. Do you accept this kind of advertising?

    Any answer would be appreciated. Thank you.

    I wish you an amazing day.

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