The Game

Game is in early stage so I don’t know exactly how it will look in the end but I have some goals that I would like to achieve:

  • Supporting platforms: PC, SteamOS, VR, Hi-End Mobile, Mobile VR and Consoles,
  • Game will be free due to blogging fact,
  • Whole development as blog/tutorials. When finished PDF file as a book,
  • Player will have their own ship which he can use to travel in spaces,
  • Ship can be attacked by hostiles,
  • Player will be able to attack others ships / space base,
  • Lot’s of skills / weapons / drones / turrets / ship customisations and upgrades,
  • It will be arcade game without movement. Tactics will be focused on quick decision making and preparing for battle,

Basically the game is about space pirate who is traveling galaxy for adventures and loot. No to mention that main character just want to stay alive in hostile galaxy;)

If you have ideas for the game – please let me know!

7 thoughts on “The Game

  1. Got a few ideias:
    – Upgradable ship! More cargo, guns, armor, gizmos and etc!
    – And a crew or maybe a AI companion.
    – Drone Defense system for the ship?


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