Requested Tutorials

Lot of people is searching for specific tutorial. I would like to help you guys. Just request tutorial here and sooner or later I will do tutorial for your request! Just mail me at or leave comment.

Finished Tutorials:

  1. Radar ,
  2. Run Voice Over with Subtitles,
  3. Simple Online Leaderboards,
  4. Call events from console,
  5. Setting up Perforce in one minute,
  6. Complete Skyrim Like Inventory Tutorial,
  7. Uncharted like Equip Tutorial,
  8. RTS Camera and Unit Movement Tutorial,
  9. Plug And Play Melee Tutorial,
  10. How to use GameplayTags
  11. Walking Sim Workshop

Pending requests:

  • Melee combat like from Skyrim in first person with inventory,
  • Generating Dungeon,
  • Melee monsters with special attacks using BbehaviorsTrees,
  • Graphic and sound settings UMG, (with saving and loading)
  • Planetary gravity, like the one mechanic seen in to mario galaxy 1/2,
  • Foot placement IK,
  • Recreate camera from a small game Marvellous Miss Take,
  • Photon Server Integration (C++, Azure),
  • Helicopter Tutoria,
  • Customisable Tripwires. Be able to choose where you place tripwires while both ends being connected together (see Horizon gameplay),
  • Quick time events,
  • I’d love to see a conversion of your shooter in multiplayer,
  • “Would love I full tactical AI shooter Tutorial, say in which it goes through spawning and despawning AI, Using the sense to detect and go to and shooter however for it to be not as bland as the standard demo of spot and move to and shoot have the AI move more like a human would possibly even going into cover, moving away when being shot at and not standing still constantly”  – ShooterTutorial comment: for this I would need specific tutorial request. It’s game tutorial request not feature tutorial 😉
  • Cover system for TPS,
  • Elastic Camera (Similar to Rocket League while locked-on),
  • Fully online simple MOBA game like Smite or LoL where you have 2 teams and teamed minions that follow a certain path fight enemies & enemy structures,
  • I am trying to have a comlink system similar to the unit portraits in starcraft ( I am planning to create a skeletal mesh (for face animations) and Use render to texture camera to portray the skeletal mesh to the hud like they did. I would like to have a socket on each mesh that the camera will be attached to, and will switch from mesh to mesh as each character animates says his line. I would also like the comlink box to be able to slide on and off the hud,
  • A Complete Weather Changing Effect On Ground,
  • Racing Game AI,
  • 1. Trading/Collecting Card Game tutorial / template.  Saw one in Unity Asset Store (nice) but developer doesn’t update it anymore.  Generating table, cards, etc.  Would need to be able to make new cards, MULTIPLAYER (at least 2), new table, cards would have to have stats/abilities, etc.  2.  Board game tutorial/template. Generating a table, roll dice, maybe use cards, move pawns, maybe use triggers, MULTIPLALYER ,etc.  Unity asset store only has one such template, and its not hitting on much,
  • I would like to know how to select a tile using the mouse in an isometric game in paper2D.
    I can build the tileMap and i know the “Get Tile” node but i can not figure out how to use this node to change the color of the selected tile for example,
  • Voice communication that can be validated by dedicated servers,
  • I would like to know if there is a way to do animation cutscene (like matinee) at the current players position for example when player press E the player opens the door Character animating the opening of the door (using matinee or other method) The players position is dynamic so the animation should happen on where the player’s position is. Thanks,
  • Wall Walking and Boost Jump in UE4 Blueprints as we see these in many modern TOP FPS GAMES Like COD and TITANFALL,
  • Full tutorial about Animation Blueprints. Both from the player perspective (doing the X animation on input) and the AI (behavior tree calling an animation),
  • Third person dance game tutorial, on the lines of just dance (for mobile),
  • Getting the UE4 Test Rigged Character (SkeletalMesh) into Blender, with the Rig still intact,
  • I really would like a tutorial on how to do a full point & click adventure
    with inventory system (hud) (with inspecting 3dobjects)
    talk system, even with multiple characters at the same time
    load & save system
    multiple camera setups
    changing characters on the fly,
  • A life signs detector,
  • Ranking system for use in a racing game,
  • Make tutorial about attack speed have tons of problems with it cant make it work no matter what how to set attack speed to attack faster or slower based on stat,
  • Use of FABRIK for animation e.g. sword follows the angle of your mouse when you swing,
  • Mash cutscenes and dodge or counter attack,
  • Weapons as items and damage working in multiplayer,
  • Multiple entity movement from RTS games like Starcraft 2,
  • Loadout configuration for a vehicle with config save/load.,
  • TV guided rocket that the player can control, either via first person camera or using a camera / render-to-texture interface,
  • Realistic Rain Tutorial Please,
  • Fog of war for a top down/Rts style game,
  • Character creation system probably using modular pawns.Wherein each part(head,hands,body,feet etc.)have each different attributes and abilities associated with it.Then probably save each set on a loadout system,so in game you can chose between those characters you created on game start and on respawn when you die,
  • Procedural loots,
  • Perhaps a system in which the ai would talk to each other during combat or harass the player while fighting, taunting the player and talking to AI about the location of player or something similiar to something like titanfall 😀 an example video is here:
  • Root Motion Character Controller with Logic (if possible support for gamepads).
    – How to determine the direction the character should move and how to feed the values to the animgraph.
  • AI that spawn from a chopper and (through blueprint) play an animation to rappel down, or something similiar (
  • How would you to do a loot system? Example being right clicking on the mob or chest and collecting the item from the mob or chest.
  • 1) Explanation of PBR in UE 4 & PS
    a) (if it possible but not just graphs with patterns but practical example on :
    b) (how to calibrate PS/and from where get reference vaule of Albedo/Metalic/Routhness/Glossy etc.2) Texture Optimalization(R/B/G/A)
    3) TEXEL DENSITY 11!!11 (On example)
    4) How to recognize good AO and Normal and how to cope with Bloody “SEAMS” on rocks/cliffs
    5)Modular texturing with Modular Building
    6)How optimize HIGHT map from World Engine /Glyph
    7)How to make Hands Control and make it interactive such as in Surgeon Simulator
  • Fabric Engine and Unreal Engine 4 integration for example
  • it would be awesome if you could do a tutorial for reloading guns that have multiple shells like a shotgun or a grenade launcher.
    In most fps games when you reload a shotgun the player loads in each shell one-by-one until the gun is full or the player interrupts by shooting.
  • how to destroy destructibles with projectiles. More specifically: how to NOT destroy it from the player walking in to it, different weapons having different effects (rifle would make it crack or crumble, but rocket launcher would make it explode)
  •  it would be amazing to see a tutorial of doing Far Cry 3 style cover mechanics. Not the “toggle in/out” of cover mechanic, but “walk to the wall and be in cover” mechanic
  • Main Menu and then go to character customization like clothes, armor, boots and then make the new character playable in simple level.
  • Enemy AI use Ladder / Make simple Ladder system
  • A digital clock that could be paused and stopped allowing for the time to be monitored and recorded for additional effects in-game.
  • There is an animation for the reloading guns in the games, you know the animation that the hand remove and add the ammo like Call Of Duty 2- In games like COD or Battlefield you have some friends with you that they are helping you and shooting enemies, if you shot them they won’t get hurt. 3- You see in almost every game that your enemy or your friend get cover behind something, like desk or wall to be safe.
  • Creating NPC with Dialog, quest, choice, that will lead to multiple ending.
  • Creating lobby Actor replication Online gameplay
  • I would like you to show how to make an online multiplayer fps using all of your previous tutorials
  • Creation of vehicles (aircraft, tanks, combat cars, helicopter, etc) controllable by the character and pawns and A.I
  • Interactive Minimap Matchmaking System,
  • Realistic Rain Tutorial Please,
  • TV guided rocket that the player can control, either via first person camera or using a camera / render-to-texture interface.
  • RPG turn battles
  • A life signs detector.
  • Trading/Collecting Card Game tutorial / template,
  • A Complete Weather Changing Effect On Ground…. Just An Example… In Rain, Slowly Slowly The Ground Will Be Full Of Water… After The End Of Rain, The Water Will Be Disappear Slowly Slowly Like GTA V……
  • fully online simple MOBA game like Smite or LoL where you have 2 teams and teamed minions that follow a certain path fight enemies & enemy structures.

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  1. Hey! Can we get a tutorial on how to make AI work for us ? For instance I got a mine on which the AI can work on and collect the stone and deposit to a chest.

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