Assets Reviews

I want to show you guys which assets I would like to buy. For each asset I will create my review with rating. This will help you make buy decision. Another thing is that I want to show Backers where the money goes.

Assets review:

Military Weapons Silver

My Rating: 5/5MUST BUY
I’m using this pack for all of the weapon tutorials.

SF Trooper

My Rating: 2/5 – Buy only when you are experienced.
Post about implementation. 


My Rating: 4/5
It’s the only one sci-fi UI package which I could find. Lot of widgets and .psd file which can be modified when needed.

S-F Pack
My Rating: 5/5 – MUST BUY
Please read post about importing this pack from Unity to Unreal Engine 4. You should read Creating Basic Scene as well.

SciFi Enemies and Vehicles

My Rating: 5/5 – FREE ASSET
Spider implementation and drone implementation.

Robot Warrior 3
My Rating: 3/5 – weird skeleton, bad bone scale.
Asset implementation with more details about the model.

High Poly Cyborg Ninja
My Rating: 4/5 – great skeleton, good textures, lot of animations. Animations aren’t in AAA quality.
Asset implementation with more details about the model.

Elite Trooper 

My Rating: 2/5 – cheap, weird skeleton, lacking animations.
Asset implementation with more details about the model.

Sentry Guns

My Rating: 4/5 – will get 5/5 if up/down animation will be designed. Rest is really great!
Asset implementation with more details about the model.

Futuristic Soldier

My Rating: 3/5 – price has raised + it’s lacking animations.
Asset implementation with more details about the model.

SciFi Props Pack

My Rating: 5/5 – MUST BUY!
Asset implementation coming soon.

Assets that I would like to buy:

Robot Warrior

15 EUR. Budget: Pledged! Implementation and review soon.

Robot ‘Deminer’
149$ Budget:  30Buy Now Button

Wasp Monster
249$ Budget: 0Buy Now Button

unnamed (1)
199$ Budget: 0Buy Now Button

unnamed (2)
149$ Budget: 0Buy Now Button

Battle Robot
99$ Budget: 0Buy Now Button

unnamed (1)
149$ Budget: 0Buy Now Button

Monster 42
179$ Budget: 0$Buy Now Button

Spider Robot
unnamed (1)
5$ Budget: 0Buy Now Button

robot RC12
15$ Budget: 0Buy Now Button

Assault Squad

45$ Budget: 0Buy Now Button

Robot “warbot”
unnamed (2)
22 EUR Budget: 0 EUR Buy Now Button

Galaxy Fighters

85$ Budget: 0$ Buy Now Button

Those aren’t all assets that I would like to buy. There is lot more characters and environments, but I don’t want to spam all of them here. Will be added one by one, replacing assets that I have bought.  My budget is 100$ per month, and you can always help out with backing.