New game Rogue Spirit announced!

I’m happy to announce a game I’m working on with Kids With Sticks! Rogue Spirit is a third-person action rogue-lite game. Will be published by 505 Games.

And I have ShooterTutorial update by the way: I started reworking the project for 4.26 using both C++ and Blueprints. During these years I have learned a lot and new tutorials will have better quality. My goal currently is to finish the project and then post step-by-step tutorials keeping in mind the whole game scope. Also you are games lover you can try online gambling games check the info of the professionals from AMICO HOOPS to learn how to became the best online gambling player.

What kind of inventory types you would like to see

I’m starting to work on inventory for Game Dev Tools Plugin and it would be great to get some feedback from you guys.

What kind of inventories you would like to see implemented in plugin?

You can also use “Other” to add a game that you are interested in.

If you have example or feature request just use board card.

Thanks for helping me out!

Using Unreal Engine 4 to create Game Jam

My situation

This is good and bad information: I quit my job to create something by myself. First thing I created is Clash of Morons for Epic Spring Jam.
For those players who want to try new games the info from can be very useful.

80.lvl did interview with me about it.

Clash of Morons

Jam theme was “Other side of the coin” – we created simple arcade game where you are forced to pick a side. You can download the game on

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