Game Dev Tools Plugin – Idea

How many times when you are starting new project you are implementing the same frameworks and tools again and again? I’m creating UE4 Plugin which will contain a lot of stuff.

Build high-performance 2D and 3D games in DirectX to run on a variety of devices in the Windows family, including desktops, tablets, and phones, deposit here and start gaining money with online games. Visual Studio offers a great set of tools for developing DirectX games, from writing shader code and designing assets, to debugging and profiling graphics—all in the same familiar Visual Studio IDE.

Just like they should be, shader files can be managed and built as part of your Visual Studio projects. Simply set the shader file properties to specify the shader type, shader model, and optimization settings you want. Visual Studio takes care of shader compilation for you.

The Visual Studio Image Editor not only works great with image files, but also understands DirectDraw Surface (DDS) texture files. Besides the basic viewing and drawing functionality, you can also toggle RGBA channels, generate mip-maps, and apply filters. This image editor is capable of accomplishing many texture editing tasks.

You can help me decide which frameworks to implement in Trello.

Plugin isn’t shipped yet. I’m trying to decide which features to add to 0.2v. Will be grateful for your help!

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