Kids With Sticks

After months of indie hard work: indie continues… but with a milestone approved!

As you may already know from my earlier posts I have left my job to try something by my own. It came out I’m not alone and I have a feeling there is a lot of people like me around here.

During this time we were really busy with creating prototypes and later demo which was pitched to investors and publishers.

Last 8 or 9 or 10 – basically a lot of months was really hard for me (and I burned all my savings:P) but Today we can announce new indie game development studio – Kids With Sticks. What is cool about KWS is that we will share what we are doing with you guys. We will share our know-how, tips, mistakes – basically everything what is connected to game development or game developer life. I would be really grateful if you guys can follow us on facebook and twitter. It means a lot for me.

AND I know that you are waiting for the book. I feel like a bitch and I lose like 20kg (GB:D) of weight during this period. To be honest I would like to focus on KWS for now BUT I will be doing a lot of tutorials on KWS site. More detailed than ever. Book is masterpiece for me and I would like to finish it and share with you guys as it was big pleasure for me seeing how great game developers are as people. Want to do something for you.

Yet another post about indie development without any details. KWS is live now which is big milestone for us. We will be investing our time to share details with fellow game developers.

Again thanks for all your support and kind words! Be humble!

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