Learn Unreal Engine 4 by example: Walking Sim Workshop

For this year GameDevSchool.pl I was asked to prepare first person walking sim workshop. I think for some of you this can be helpful as well.

You can check the presentation here. Link to the project can be found in presentation.

I know you are here because of the book ūüėČ and I would like to update you guys: there is to many things going on in my life currently… I need to change the way I’m writing it. Cut into pieces and post them here instead of trying create massive book and publish it when ready. It grew to enormous scale. I’m implementing even editor… so you can imagine. I will be posting small pieces here really soon.

One thing I would like to share with you guys by the way. Today you have a lot of tools to create games. A lot of resources. A lot of knowledge just lying to get it. Yep? What people forget is to invest time to learn. It’s needed. You need to do things to learn. There aren’t any other way. I think some people forget about it. During workshop I asked “how many of you launched UE4?” (it was like 6-7h workshop during 1 year classes) – when for me it is stupid question. Of course they used UE4. I thought. They are paying for school.¬†There weren’t any person that invested time to actually run editor… Can you imagine? You are paying for learning game development and don’t give anything from you. I was at earlier GDS and asked the same question 2 or 3 years ago. People laugh and say I’m crazy asking that. Of course they were using UE4 before.

I talked about this with couple of my gd friends and we came to conclusion that having everything just lying to get it is making people lazy. If you want to be good game developer you need to invest a lot of time to learn. It won’t be easy, it won’t take one day. It will be long as hell and painful as hell. You brain will hurt. So you need take your time and take it easy!

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