Poll result: final book should be created using

Many thanks for all of your votes!

Final book should be created using:


As you can see there is a lot of people willing to focus only on Blueprints. Shooter Tutorial has been for more advanced developers – but still novice.  You can find a lot of Blueprints tutorials and couple made in C++.

I would like to show you that C++ isn’t that bad. It’s just a word!  I strongly believe that everyone can learn UE4 C++. If you were able to learn Blueprints you will learn UE4 C++ API without a problem. It’s almost the same, you don’t need to be C++ guru.

Still I’m focusing on novice developers. I will be doing C++ stuff when needed, will try to show you how to use engine properly.

There will be more advanced tutorials for C++ here at blog. Currently I’m working on extending editor tutorial – so more advanced developers will have something too.

So yea – book will be made using both Blueprints and C++ with more focus on Blueprints. 

Again thanks for your votes! And I have added another poll you might be interested in! (sidebar)

Why I was not around

I know that I haven’t posted anything for a long time. It was caused by lot of things: I have left my current job, 30 birthday, publishing game jam project on Steam, health issues… basically lot of stress… but I’m back!

First tutorial after my absence will be about melee damage! Stay tuned!

My GameJam Game on Greenlight!


Intensive Exposure started as a game jam game created originally in 42 hours. The theme was “No one knows who I am”. It won both first prize and people’s choice award. With such a great feedback and given our love for the original concept we embarked on an adventure to create bigger and more refined version of the game.

It is my first game created without being so serious about it. Lot’s of fun!

You can support the game on Greenlight!  And yeah I will be posting some tutorials from this one as we did a lot of stuff quickly.


Here you can read story of this project.

Book will be free! Microsoft BizSpark granted.

Yes, ShooterTutorial book will be free for everyone and available in web! (using Confluence as engine)

Today ShooterTutorial has been granted for Microsoft BizSpark. Basically I have got lot of support and you know what? Knowledge should be available for free.

Book will be different than blog. I have learned a lot and will focus more deeply on newcomers. Hope to share first chapter soon but… I still need to finish some tutorials 😉

Big thanks to Microsoft!

Final Book should cover only Blueprints?

I have tough decision to make and I would like to ask you guys for help. As you may already know after finishing ShooterTutorial blog tutorials I will start working on full featured Unreal Engine 4 e-book which could be named “Learning UE4 by example: First Person Endless Shooter”. This will be big thing as I would like to learn every piece of UE4 tools that is needed to create such game…but let’s get back to decision.

As I’m doing more stuff in C++ lately I would like to ask you guys to answer simple question. Implementation in the Book should cover only Blueprints or proper usage of C++ and Blueprints?

From my point of view it should cover both C++ and Blueprints as it is proper way of using Unreal Engine 4 but the final decision will be based on your answers.

I have added poll at side bar. You can find it there!

Featured Backer – Epic Games

I have awesome news for you guys! Epic Games backed Shooter Tutorial for 14,000$ in their Epic Games Educational Dev Grants

This is good time to share some details about the future.

First Milestone: Finish ShooterTutorial.

First goal is to finish ShooterTutorial in current form. Freestyle live development blog explaining step by step what I’m doing.
I’m aware that some of the tutorials can be hard for beginners…that’s why I decided to create a e-book for people that are starting their game development trip.

Second Milestone: Book for Beginners.

When ShooterTutorial will be finished I will start working on “Learning UE4 Blueprint by Example” e-book. Which will focus more on game development overall and how to use Blueprints to create shooter game. Book will use only free assets and will be friendly for beginners. It will feature exactly the same game as I’m doing here but it will be written from scratch taking knowledge that I have learned.

ShooterTutorial milestones:

There is still lot of stuff do to in ShooterTutorial before it can be finished:

  • Closed demo (this will happen really soon and will be iterated couple of times)
  • Endless mode,
  • Weapon / Character upgrades,
  • Steam Support,
  • VR Support,
  • Hi-End mobile Support,

Hope I shared some light here and you guys will like the e-book idea!