Summary Screen


In this Tutorial I will focus on basic summary screen and game loop:

  • Showing player score and hi-score,
  • Saving hi-score,
  • Communicating between widgets and game to create simple loop main menu -> gameplay -> main menu,

Stats and leaderboards will be added in separated tutorials as I will do much more complicated stuff there.

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Complete Skyrim like inventory Tutorial

I’m getting a lot of request to create Skyrim like inventory Tutorial. I have found you guys have a problems with ShooterTutorial inventory implementation as well. ShooterTutorial inventory is about choosing weapons before starting gameplay. That’s why I have decided to create complete Skyrim like inventory tutorial which will:

  • be object oriented,
  • starting from first person template,
  • have 3d preview in UMG,
  • support item dropping, using,
  • support categories,
  • support moving items,

This tutorial is long and not so easy. As always take your time!

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Menu – Main Menu

This time I will create main menu with couple features:

  • UMG widget with main menu,
  • UMG -> Actors -> Level communication,
  • Matinee for nice camera animation,

If you are still wondering how to create communication between blueprints hope this tutorial will help you. Will do this different ways.

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