Complete Skyrim like inventory Tutorial

I’m getting a lot of request to create Skyrim like inventory Tutorial. I have found you guys have a problems with ShooterTutorial inventory implementation as well. ShooterTutorial inventory is about choosing weapons before starting gameplay. That’s why I have decided to create complete Skyrim like inventory tutorial which will:

  • be object oriented,
  • starting from first person template,
  • have 3d preview in UMG,
  • support item dropping, using,
  • support categories,
  • support moving items,

This tutorial is long and not so easy. As always take your time!

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UE4 Tips: Online Leaderboards

You guys wanted more UE4 Tips Tutorials so there you go! This time I will show you how to create Online Leaderboards where:

  • It’s done fully in Blueprints without C++ code,
  • You don’t need to have any server,

This solution is good for prototyping and getting scores of other players. If you are thinking about good leaderboard solution you would need to create your own server.

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Enemy: “Marine”

UE4Editor 2015-08-27 20-57-08-573

This time I would like to implement easy to kill “meat” enemy.  Which should:

  • Move fast near player,
  • Fire using assault rifle with spread when near player,
  • Should be dying on head hit,
  • Reload his weapon when no ammo,

This will be more advanced tutorial but I think if you did earlier tutorials it shouldn’t be hard for you!

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