Futuristic Soldier – Behavior Tree

This will be last enemy for the demo, rest of the characters will be implemented after different environments will be added. I’m listening you guys and this time I will use Behaviour Tree instead of Blueprints. Some goals:

  • Three types of behaviour: standing, crouching and melee,
  • Can shoot while running to player,

After last enemies you should have enough knowledge to create simple AI by yourself using Blueprints. This time I will focus on Behavior Tree.

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Enemy: “Marine”

UE4Editor 2015-08-27 20-57-08-573

This time I would like to implement easy to kill “meat” enemy.  Which should:

  • Move fast near player,
  • Fire using assault rifle with spread when near player,
  • Should be dying on head hit,
  • Reload his weapon when no ammo,

This will be more advanced tutorial but I think if you did earlier tutorials it shouldn’t be hard for you!

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Ninja enemy

In this tutorial I will be doing Sci-Fi ninja enemy which will:

  • Run fast to player,
  • Jump and make attack with katana,
  • Do slomo effect not affecting player,

I’m missing fast enemy which is dealing melee damage.

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Enemy boss robot

In this tutorial I will create first boss enemy.  Which:

  • Can do melee damage to other enemies,
  • Do melee damage to player,
  • Fire projectile to player direction,
  • Will only react on plasma weapons and only in one weak spot,

Everything will be done using just blueprints. I would like to show you how to create AI without using Behavior Trees.

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Enemy: Wall walking spider

My stationary shooter needs to have enemy that is able to walk on walls. Thanks to that player will be forced to aim on walls / ceilings. Enemy specs:

  • Low health, will explode and do damage to others,
  • Possibility to move on walls / ceilings,
  • Do damage over time,
  • As always – done in blueprints without C++ code,

Let’s go!

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