Assets review page opened

I have added new page with assets reviews! Everything will be in one place. If you are looking for good assets for your Unreal Engine 4 game this is the place for you!

Page contains assets that I’m planning to buy as well so you will have better understanding of what tutorials will come in long term.


Creating first environment – basics


When working on a 3d game by yourself you need to have knowledge about preparing scenes. In this post I will give you some tips about:

  • Static and dynamic lighting your levels,
  • Using Unreal Engine 4 tools to prepare scene,

Basically lighting and preparing scenes is big piece of cake of game development and there are separate positions for people doing this. Graphics Level Designers, Lighters, Meshers – it depends on company, but mostly they have graphics knowledge.

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First Enemy – Behavior Tree / Shooting at Player

This tutorial contains basic knowledge about AI / Animations . It may be complicated for beginners so please take your time to analyze the stuff before implementing. I will create first basic enemy and it will cover:

  • Behavior Tree: simple check where to go and go there if aren’t reloading,
  • Animations: blending legs with rest of the body (walking -> standing),
  • Animations: Playing Montages (reload animation and shoot animation),
  • Animations: Look At – enemy upper body will be always rotated to player,
  • Animations: TakeDamage effects without having animations,
  • Animations: Ragdoll,
  • AI: Ammo, Fire and Reloading,

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Tip: how to move assets from examples / different projects


Unreal Engine 4 comes with lots of examples which can be used commercially if you are using Unreal Engine 4. I will show you the most simplest way to migrate / copy assets from different projects.

As example I will use Shooter Game because it will be needed later. Shooter Game can be found in Learn tab. Please download it and run the project.

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