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During next posts I will focus on creating environment for the in-game. To do this I’ve bought new computer which will come early next week. That’s why I was so silent lately ūüėČ

In this post I will focus on showing you how I’m searching for assets. Post will contain¬†other assets packs that might be useful for you guys.

When you are creating game by yourself you need to be up-to-date with asset stores. Searching for assets takes time because you want the style to fit together.

Before I began my search I’m creating an list of requirements:

  • sci-fi indoor scenes,
  • sci-fi ship corridors,
  • sci-fi space station indoors,
  • Style shouldn’t be clean. My reference¬†is Alien movie,

Having reference is really important – it will be easier for you to decide which assets you should buy. Another thing is that when having reference you will create environment much more faster and with better quality.

When I know for what I’m searching I’m tagging asset store stocks pages¬†globally like: sci-fi, sci fi, science etc so I’m sure that I will check each asset that have sci-fi tag. After stocks I’m moving into google – it takes a lot of time but I really want to be sure that I¬†saw every good sci fi indoor pack.

Here’s an list of what I have found and which assets I will buy.

S-F Pack from Manufactura K4

Manufactura K4 have assets in Unreal Marketplace as well. This pack was used in my older blog and you can read how to import it to Unreal Engine here. Some tips for creating envrio here as well.  There is low-end version of this pack here. You should bought both.


  • One texture for whole scene, (4k atlas)
  • Optimized for mobile and consoles,
  • Great quality!


  • Without PBR.
    But it’s really easy to put this into atlas,

I will definitely use this pack in the game. It’s awesome.

SciFi Props Pack by olivier garrigue

Quality of this pack is amazing. Must buy for everyone that’s creating sci-fi game or prototyping something in sci-fi style.


  • Lot’s of props you can create corridors, rooms – if you are creative you can create everything that can be seen in space ship,
  • Great quality. Olivier¬†focused on quality. I think this pack have the best quality, but quality comes with some cons as well,
  • PBR shaders,


  • There is only one “problem”¬†of this pack – it is using a lot of textures. Yes textures are detailed and hi quality but if you are doing mobile game you need to think if it will fit in your memory.

This will be another pack that I will use in the game. Will crop down textures and try to use assets that have the same textures.

The Bunker Package by Artur Grzegorczyn

This pack is less sci-fi than others but I’ve used it earlier and I know how to create dirty sci-fi scenes with it. Artur is talented graphics artist and selling other stuff which might be useful for you guys here.


  • Great quality for corridors,
  • Great balance with textures. It will work on mobile,


  • The pack is so great but it’s missing some more props,

I will use this pack in the game as well.

Modular SciFi Hallways by Jonathon Frederick

This pack is using full PBR potential.


  • Hi quality,
  • Very detailed textures,
  • Full PBR shaders,


  • Lacking of props. As far I know¬†Jonathon is working on them as separated pack. If this comes out this pack is must buy,
  • Heavy shaders which might have problems on mobile,

I’m still thinking if I will use this pack. The game need to work on mobile as well so that’s my requirements. Will see after tests.

Top-Down Sci Fi by Manufactura K4

Another sci fi pack from Manufactura K4. It contains lot of props and arch to create whole space ship! I’ve used this pack earlier and¬†I can recommend it.


  • Mobile friendly,
  • Great art quality.
  • Lot of props,


  • None,

This pack is awesome but I’m not sure about the style – will see if It will fit for me.

Other packs that I’ve found but I’m not sure about them:

Basically there is a lot of sci fi envrio assets out there and I’m sure you will find something for you!

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