How to get assets?


If you are indie developer and you don’t have graphics artists in your team it’s always hard to create a game. Lot’s of my indie friends struggle the same problem:

“from where can I get assets for my game?”

It isn’t easy topic but you should think about assets from the beginning of your idea/design. Keep in mind that you need to create game with assets that you can buy. The best approach for me is to search those sites and based of what I found I’m trying to find idea for a game:

  • Unreal Marketplace
    Its getting bigger and bigger every day.
    Don’t forget about Epic examples! You can use assets from them as well!
  • Unity Asset Store
    Currently biggest asset store for game developers. If you are buying 3d assets ask creator if package contains .FBX files. I see that new packages have Unity binary format instead of .FBX files that you can import to 3d program and export to UE4.
  • Turbosquid
    Focused on graphics only, but lot of assets!
    Free 3d models search engine. If you are looking for specific asset to prototype this site is great.

Those are the first places for me to search. If I can’t find what I’m looking for I’m trying to find it on Google or change the idea. Searching for assets takes time but it’s always better to work on a project that have graphics that you like 😉

You probably know those sites and linking to Google isn’t so fun. That’s why every asset that I will use here will be linked and added to Assets Stores Links. Every asset that I will use in this project will be from Asset Stores.

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