You can request tutorial!

The goal of Shooter Tutorial is to motivate you guys to learn game development. I know that shooter example which I’m creating won’t fit for everyone. That’s why from now you can request a tutorial

Requested tutorials will be added to UE4 Tips category. They won’t be visible in Tutorials – which is place for entire shooter game tutorial.

You can tell your friends I will be doing requested tutorials once a week! I’m hoping to get lot of requests from you guys! Cheers!

7 thoughts on “You can request tutorial!

  1. Thanks alot for the ammoounts of support you are giving the comunity. i have nothing really to ask just want to thank you and hope you will continue advancing these series.

    if nobody requests anything, id like to see more on real time modding while ingame.

      • Hello-hello!
        Thank you very much for these useful and interested tutorials!

        Could make tutorial about spawn/login/respawn system in the Multiplayer with blueprints?
        Most of the tutorials in google out of date, some functions doesn’t exist.
        Thank you again!

  2. Hello, I’ve been trying to figure out how to animate a guy swinging his sword from point A to B through inverse kinematics. I believe this should be done through the use of FABRIK but I’m not sure how to go about using it. A basic tutorial using IK would be useful as a prerequisite but there are already few around. I have not seen any on the use of FABRIK so anything would be much appreciated.

  3. Hi , Awesome job on the tutorials. I thank you on behalf of the whole community !
    If you get time , I do like to know about these stuffs and possibly a tutorial which covers it.
    Making a game in UE4 for HTML5 and Android platforms.

    Thanks again !

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