ShooterTutorial get soundrack from Karol Kosacki

Another great news guys! ShooterTutorial will have soundtrack created by Karol Kosacki! Karol is experienced programmer… doing… yes –  music!

While listening you can check interview which I did with Karol, asking him about tutorials, how to create music for indie games and other stuff.

I have asked him to put the music on Unreal Marketplace. It is available on iTunes as well! Big thanks Karol for contribution!

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First Playable Milestone

I’m finally at point where I can show the game and get some feedback. I can call this as First Playable Milestone. The great thing about ShooterTutorial is that I’m doing it totally live, freestyle without any preparation. You will be able to see and analyze whole development process.

Basically in normal environment you should be able to get to this milestone by 2-3 days work playing only with placeholders. It took me 9 months (!!!) to get to this point as I’m doing lot more stuff than usually and 90% of my time consumes tutorials.

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