Health Component

Generic, extendable and easy to use health system for any game.

Health Component is part of Game Dev Tools Plugin.


  • Before dying state, (eg Like in Doom when you need to do finisher)
  • Health recovery by dealing damage (eg like in Dead Cells. You can recover some HP when dealing damage)
  • Health draining,
  • Health regeneration,
  • Keep track of last damage,
  • Damage multiplier,
  • Helper functions: GetHealthRatio, ConfigureHealth, RefillHealth, IsDead, SetRegen, SetDrain, GetRecoverHealthRatio, AddRecoveryHealth, IsInrecovery, IsInBeforeDyingState, GetOutBeforeDyingState, GetLastDamageData, GetTimeAfterReceivingLastDamage,
  • Works with Damage System


Example Map

Example map can be found here:

Adding Health Component

Just add Health Component in your Actor Blueprint:

Health Events

Apply Damage to Health

Just use TakeDamage function:

Should Regenerate

Should health regenerate by time. Can be triggered in game using function SetEnableRegeneration.

Regeneration Speed

How fast health will regenerate if using regeneration.

Regeneration Threshold

Holding threshold of Max Health to regenerate to. Value from 0 to 1.

Regenerate when in Before Dying State

Should regenerate event when in before dying state. By default set to false.

Should Drain

Should health drain by time. Can be triggered in game using function SetEnableDraining.

Drain Speed

How fast health will drain if using draining.

Drain Threshold

Holding threshold of Max Health to drain to. Value from 0 to 1.

Drain Activate Before Dying State

Should drain activate before dying state (if using before dying state) By default set to false.

Use Health Recovery by Damage

Should use health recovery by dealing damage. Part of health can be recovered after health change. For example Dead Cells is using such feature.

Health Recovery Decrease Speed

How fast recovery will decrease.

Health Recovery Damage Ratio

How much health we will add when dealing damage while in recovery. It is using damage amount ratio. (for example if you hit someone by 15 damage you can regenerate X of the damage while being in recovery)

Use Before Dying State

Should use before dying state which can be used for finishers like in Doom. Basically health component will trigger dispatcher when activated. You can react to it as you want.

Before Dying State Threshold

When before dying state should trigger. Using Max Health ratio from 0 to 1.

Max Before Dying Count

How many times can go to Before Dying State. If 0 means infinite.

Health to Add After Before Dying State

How much health should be added when going back to normal state. Going back to normal state can be triggered by calling DisableBeforeDyingState. Example can be found in ShowcaseActorWithHealth.

Can Health be Changed During Before Dying State

Holds if health can be changed (eg takedamage) during before dying state. By default set to true.