My GameJam Game on Greenlight!


Intensive Exposure started as a game jam game created originally in 42 hours. The theme was “No one knows who I am”. It won both first prize and people’s choice award. With such a great feedback and given our love for the original concept we embarked on an adventure to create bigger and more refined version of the game.

It is my first game created without being so serious about it. Lot’s of fun!

You can support the game on Greenlight!  And yeah I will be posting some tutorials from this one as we did a lot of stuff quickly.


Here you can read story of this project.

TKGame Jam 2016 – Grand Theft Taxi

I’m after TKGameJam 2016 and I have another proof that you can do a lot in Unreal Engine 4 in small amount of time.  Game was created by me, @smallshake and @ogniok with special thanks to @politko! We haven’t had any graphics artist in the team.

Dive into madness in this fast paced taxi simulator. You have ten seconds to get your clients to the destination or else they won’t pay you!

12719290_1150169308341291_8542629117904010224_o 12747539_1150169248341297_2545138683569032275_o 12771499_1150169445007944_7563220202408499445_o

Game can be downloaded at GameJolt.

I would like to show you guys couple of pipeline decisions we did. Maybe it will be helpful for you.

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