Why I was not around

I know that I haven’t posted anything for a long time. It was caused by lot of things: I have left my current job, 30 birthday, publishing game jam project on Steam, health issues… basically lot of stress… but I’m back!

First tutorial after my absence will be about melee damage! Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Why I was not around

  1. Sorry to hear about your health troubles. These blueprints are causing the stress to consume us I swear! Head pains, eye focus, breathing issues, this is all stuff I have developed after spending too much time on game dev & unreal, not to mention the whole 3d art process. I’m about to hit 30 myself and perhaps our 3rd eye is opening getting while we’re getting closer to our highest form & achieving enlightenment.
    Well anyways I’m really glad to see you back in action, your knowledge is extremely useful, can’t get enough!

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