Ninja enemy

In this tutorial I will be doing Sci-Fi ninja enemy which will:

  • Run fast to player,
  • Jump and make attack with katana,
  • Do slomo effect not affecting player,

I’m missing fast enemy which is dealing melee damage.

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Enemy boss robot

In this tutorial I will create first boss enemy.  Which:

  • Can do melee damage to other enemies,
  • Do melee damage to player,
  • Fire projectile to player direction,
  • Will only react on plasma weapons and only in one weak spot,

Everything will be done using just blueprints. I would like to show you how to create AI without using Behavior Trees.

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Enemy: Wall walking spider

My stationary shooter needs to have enemy that is able to walk on walls. Thanks to that player will be forced to aim on walls / ceilings. Enemy specs:

  • Low health, will explode and do damage to others,
  • Possibility to move on walls / ceilings,
  • Do damage over time,
  • As always – done in blueprints without C++ code,

Let’s go!

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Creating first environment – basics


When working on a 3d game by yourself you need to have knowledge about preparing scenes. In this post I will give you some tips about:

  • Static and dynamic lighting your levels,
  • Using Unreal Engine 4 tools to prepare scene,

Basically lighting and preparing scenes is big piece of cake of game development and there are separate positions for people doing this. Graphics Level Designers, Lighters, Meshers – it depends on company, but mostly they have graphics knowledge.

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UMG: Change weapon panel

This will be more advanced post but you will learn a lot about UMG->Blueprint communication. Here are my goals:

  • Draw all slot weapons informations,
  • Change weapons from UMG panel,
  • Will work on PC and Touch,
  • Player shouldn’t be able to choose weapon which don’t have ammo,
  • Player should see which weapon is currently equipped,
  • When choosing weapons do slomo and DOF effect,

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