Adding Google Analytics


Every game should have analytics. You need to know your players and make a game that they love. Analytics will help you a lot. In ShooterTutorial example I would like to know:

  • Where player dies – if game is to hard or to easy,
  • Which weapons players are using,
  • Which weapons are the best,
  • Which patterns and enemies are hard and which are easy,
  • How many people is looking at leaderboards and other screens,
  • If players use combo to make better score,
  • If reloading times are to slow,
  • and lot more…

I will show you how quickly you can implement analytics in your game and in ShooterTutorial. We have great times for indie developers now.

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Creating Gameplay Balance System – Part 3 – Supporting all enemies


I have created Pattern Manager  and now I need to support all enemies to be able to reset properly. Remember – the goal was to not spawn / destroy enemies – instead just resetting the values. I will go through all enemies and make sure that:

  • Mesh ragdoll is getting back to animation,
  • Mesh is attached to capsule component with the same translation as it was on Begin Play,
  • All necessary timers will be disabled as well,
  • Tick will be disabled when enemy isn’t active,
  • Refactor the enemies as it was long time ago I had created them,

So let’s go!

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Summary Screen


In this Tutorial I will focus on basic summary screen and game loop:

  • Showing player score and hi-score,
  • Saving hi-score,
  • Communicating between widgets and game to create simple loop main menu -> gameplay -> main menu,

Stats and leaderboards will be added in separated tutorials as I will do much more complicated stuff there.

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Creating Gameplay Balance System – Part 2 – Patterns and Manager

In last Gameplay Balance System post I was writing about fun. Now it’s time to actually implement patterns and manager. In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Update enemies to communicate with patterns,
  • Fast create patterns using UE4 components,
  • Manage enemies – without destroying / spawning actors,
  • Select which pattern should be shown to player,

This will be the first tutorial where I have done Live Streaming for you guys. Let’s move forward!

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