First Playable Milestone

I’m finally at point where I can show the game and get some feedback. I can call this as First Playable Milestone. The great thing about ShooterTutorial is that I’m doing it totally live, freestyle without any preparation. You will be able to see and analyze whole development process.

Basically in normal environment you should be able to get to this milestone by 2-3 days work playing only with placeholders. It took me 9 months (!!!) to get to this point as I’m doing lot more stuff than usually and 90% of my time consumes tutorials.

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Featured Backer – Epic Games

I have awesome news for you guys! Epic Games backed Shooter Tutorial for 14,000$ in their Epic Games Educational Dev Grants

This is good time to share some details about the future.

First Milestone: Finish ShooterTutorial.

First goal is to finish ShooterTutorial in current form. Freestyle live development blog explaining step by step what I’m doing.
I’m aware that some of the tutorials can be hard for beginners…that’s why I decided to create a e-book for people that are starting their game development trip.

Second Milestone: Book for Beginners.

When ShooterTutorial will be finished I will start working on “Learning UE4 Blueprint by Example” e-book. Which will focus more on game development overall and how to use Blueprints to create shooter game. Book will use only free assets and will be friendly for beginners. It will feature exactly the same game as I’m doing here but it will be written from scratch taking knowledge that I have learned.

ShooterTutorial milestones:

There is still lot of stuff do to in ShooterTutorial before it can be finished:

  • Closed demo (this will happen really soon and will be iterated couple of times)
  • Endless mode,
  • Weapon / Character upgrades,
  • Steam Support,
  • VR Support,
  • Hi-End mobile Support,

Hope I shared some light here and you guys will like the e-book idea!

Adding Google Analytics


Every game should have analytics. You need to know your players and make a game that they love. Analytics will help you a lot. In ShooterTutorial example I would like to know:

  • Where player dies – if game is to hard or to easy,
  • Which weapons players are using,
  • Which weapons are the best,
  • Which patterns and enemies are hard and which are easy,
  • How many people is looking at leaderboards and other screens,
  • If players use combo to make better score,
  • If reloading times are to slow,
  • and lot more…

I will show you how quickly you can implement analytics in your game and in ShooterTutorial. We have great times for indie developers now.

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Creating Gameplay Balance System – Part 3 – Supporting all enemies


I have created Pattern Manager  and now I need to support all enemies to be able to reset properly. Remember – the goal was to not spawn / destroy enemies – instead just resetting the values. I will go through all enemies and make sure that:

  • Mesh ragdoll is getting back to animation,
  • Mesh is attached to capsule component with the same translation as it was on Begin Play,
  • All necessary timers will be disabled as well,
  • Tick will be disabled when enemy isn’t active,
  • Refactor the enemies as it was long time ago I had created them,

So let’s go!

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Summary Screen


In this Tutorial I will focus on basic summary screen and game loop:

  • Showing player score and hi-score,
  • Saving hi-score,
  • Communicating between widgets and game to create simple loop main menu -> gameplay -> main menu,

Stats and leaderboards will be added in separated tutorials as I will do much more complicated stuff there.

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