Featured Backer – Epic Games

I have awesome news for you guys! Epic Games backed Shooter Tutorial for 14,000$ in their Epic Games Educational Dev Grants

This is good time to share some details about the future.

First Milestone: Finish ShooterTutorial.

First goal is to finish ShooterTutorial in current form. Freestyle live development blog explaining step by step what I’m doing.
I’m aware that some of the tutorials can be hard for beginners…that’s why I decided to create a e-book for people that are starting their game development trip.

Second Milestone: Book for Beginners.

When ShooterTutorial will be finished I will start working on “Learning UE4 Blueprint by Example” e-book. Which will focus more on game development overall and how to use Blueprints to create shooter game. Book will use only free assets and will be friendly for beginners. It will feature exactly the same game as I’m doing here but it will be written from scratch taking knowledge that I have learned.

ShooterTutorial milestones:

There is still lot of stuff do to in ShooterTutorial before it can be finished:

  • Closed demo (this will happen really soon and will be iterated couple of times)
  • Endless mode,
  • Weapon / Character upgrades,
  • Steam Support,
  • VR Support,
  • Hi-End mobile Support,

Hope I shared some light here and you guys will like the e-book idea!

20 backers!

Shooter Tutorial Initiative just get 20th supporter! I would like to thank you all for backing up the initiative! It means a lot for me. I will try to find out great gifts for you guys beside free game and free e-book.

I would like to point here what’s my goal. First of all I want to finish Shooter Tutorial game as Tutorials which you can see here. It will be free resource for you guys. Then ship the game using some yet not announced publisher. After that I will focus on writing book about creating shooter game from scratch using Blueprints and actual Unreal Engine 4 engine version. It will be created from scratch and I won’t use actual Shooter Tutorials as base. The book will cover lot more: multiplayer, VR, free assets (but I would like to add a whole chapter on using paid assets and improving the quality of a game. Maybe I will pay someone to create the graphics for me and publish it for free. Don’t know yet.), focus more deeply about game development, design and production. It will be complete How To Create Game book, even better than Shooter Tutorial Initiative.

I can see that people basically want to learn. Based on Learn To Make Video Games . They raised £128,748 to create such project – keep an eye on this!

Please keep in mind that I’m creating Shooter Initiative for free during my free time and materials here are free as well. I’m not promising you guys anything I don’t have any deadline but as you can see from the Tutorials I’m motivated to finish this project and help you guys on your road to create games using Unreal Engine 4. 

Thanks again!

Poll results

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 22.08.40

Many thanks for everyone that have participated! Full results:  ‘Which features should I focus ‘ Results

Blueprints are the most important part for you guys and I will convert any C++ tutorial to Blueprint version as well. Basically I will try to post tutorials about all of your requests. That’s why I have opened Request Tutorial page to get better understanding what’s needed.

Thanks again for your opinion! It means a lot for me!

Melee Weapon Tutorial – Feedback Request!

I will do Complete Melee Weapon tutorial from requested tutorials guys and I’m thinking how much it should cover. Currently my list have:

  • Attacking animations,
  • Calculating hit,
  • Dealing damage to enemy,
  • Stamina system,
  • Combo system,
  • Melee enemy so we will fight with some AI,
  • Blocking hits using shield or weapon (depending on what arms asset I will find)
  • Use of FABRIK for animation e.g. sword follows the angle of your mouse when you swing,

Please let me know what exactly you would like to learn about melee weapon.

Another thing is – should I use free assets for this tutorial? If yes some of these functionalities (like attacking animations, blocking hits, melee enemy) can’t be done completely.

I will try to find cheap assets and mostly use free one but I’m currently not sure if all of them will be free. (if you like you can post links to free assets – hands with animations, shield, sword, enemy with melee animations) Please let me know in comments!

After migration

I have moved from wordpress.com to custom VPS. Please let me know if you found issues. Especially like:

  • Weird Ads,
  • Links to *.wordpress.com,
  • Missing images,
  • Site running slow,

Why I have moved? To have more control of what I’m doing here. Now I will be able to make normal polls, code blocks, tables and much more!