How to add weapons – basics + equipping

Now if we have our inventory we can start adding new weapons!

  • Player can choose which weapon he want to play, (for now it will be placeholder UMG we did in inventory tutorial)
  • Player can change weapon during gameplay with animation, (by keyboard now)
  • Weapons will attach correctly,
  • Hands will update idle animation to correctly hold the weapon,

We won’t be doing shooting / reloading in this post. Let’s focus on basics first.

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How to create Inventory

Before start you should watch this tutorial from Epic. Creating Inventory isn’t so hard but it requires Arrays and Structs to work with.

What I would like to accomplish:

  • Player will have his backpack which will be global inventory with all of the weapons collected,
  • Player can choose which weapon he would like to use in mission,
  • Inventory should be generic. I don’t know yet which weapons I will use and which stats they will have,
  • Game should remember which weapons I’ve chosen so I don’t need to choose them again,

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Tip: how to move assets from examples / different projects


Unreal Engine 4 comes with lots of examples which can be used commercially if you are using Unreal Engine 4. I will show you the most simplest way to migrate / copy assets from different projects.

As example I will use Shooter Game because it will be needed later. Shooter Game can be found in Learn tab. Please download it and run the project.

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New blog after refactoring

Blogging is something that isn’t easy for me and I’m not a professional Blogger. After analysing my older site I have decided to change some things. Look at it like a new iteration of the blog, like a blog refactor 😉

  • First of all blog will be clear of ads!  (ATM I have moved to custom VPS that is generating monthly cost for me – I’m testing ads if they can fund VPS cost)
  • All posts will be categorised for you guys. It will be easier to navigate and search,
  • Each post about implementation will be treated as complete tutorial with single functionality that you can add to your project,
  • All old posts can be found here.

If you have ideas how to improve the blog please let me know!