Book will be free! Microsoft BizSpark granted.

Yes, ShooterTutorial book will be free for everyone and available in web! (using Confluence as engine)

Today ShooterTutorial has been granted for Microsoft BizSpark. Basically I have got lot of support and you know what? Knowledge should be available for free.

Book will be different than blog. I have learned a lot and will focus more deeply on newcomers. Hope to share first chapter soon but… I still need to finish some tutorials 😉

Big thanks to Microsoft!

12 thoughts on “Book will be free! Microsoft BizSpark granted.

  1. Yes looking forward to it. But PLEASE be very specific in all sentences that you right so the reader does not have to guess as to what you are saying. If you can do that, then wow this thing will kick arse!

    • I will be using Free content, available for everyone. (which is different from Blog as I’m using premium assets) I won’t be showing how to create textures using Photoshop/Substance or modelling using Maya/3dMax.

    • Book isn’t finished yet. After finishing ShooterTutorial blog I will recreate whole tutorials as more detailed step by step Uneral Engine 4 course.

  2. I am already drooling all over your tutorial blog!
    It sure will help me a great deal! I am looking forward to your book and i sincerely CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH!
    Thank you, a thousand times, thank you for your hard work!

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