Final Book should cover only Blueprints?

I have tough decision to make and I would like to ask you guys for help. As you may already know after finishing ShooterTutorial blog tutorials I will start working on full featured Unreal Engine 4 e-book which could be named “Learning UE4 by example: First Person Endless Shooter”. This will be big thing as I would like to learn every piece of UE4 tools that is needed to create such game…but let’s get back to decision.

As I’m doing more stuff in C++ lately I would like to ask you guys to answer simple question. Implementation in the Book should cover only Blueprints or proper usage of C++ and Blueprints?

From my point of view it should cover both C++ and Blueprints as it is proper way of using Unreal Engine 4 but the final decision will be based on your answers.

I have added poll at side bar. You can find it there!

5 thoughts on “Final Book should cover only Blueprints?

  1. Hey, you should make your tutorials ‘true’ step by step, because, I do not know how to make some thing, like make go to menu x then press button y or just a photo/gif, to be more easier, thanks !

  2. C++, I find large BP hard to follow and understand compared to line by line reading. Also there are not enough C++ tutorials, blogs, videos. I see the voting widget on the blog, thanks.

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