Epic MegaJam – Unspoken Chambers

I’m participating in Epic MegaJam and basically I’m amazed how many things can be done in short period of time. I have created a vertical slice of first person crawler game with generated dungeons during a Week.  If you know the engine you will be doing your work incredibly fast and this project is a proof.



My interpretation is simple. As developer I’m standing on the shoulders of Giants who created those great assets that I have used. As gamer I created a game where you won’t be able to clear a dungeon without your previous characters progress. You are standing on theirs shoulders.


  • Generated dungeons system supporting static lighting,
  • Online leaderboards,
  • 20+ Perks,
  • Weapons and projectile systems: 4 Weapons added,
  • Two AI trees: I can add new enemy in 5 min now (there is 7 of them in the game),
  • Possibility to balance various variables using curves,
  • Izo view and first person view,
  • UMG managed in HUD class,
  • Lot’s of custom effects,
  • Interactive objects,
  • Pickups system,

So yeah – Unspoken Chambers is first person dungeon crawler with generated content.


Day 1:

  • Messing with dungeon generator,
  • Added top down movement based on Diablo movement,
  • Added home,
  • Created 3 rooms,

Day 2:

  • Created another 3 rooms,
  • Fixed issues with lighting,
  • Hiding walls functionality,
  • Added graveyard,
  • Added main character blueprint,

Day 3:

Had giant hangover weren’t able to do anything.

Day 4:

  • Added first person movement,
  • Weapons system: fire, light, dark and lighting weapons added,
  • Mana functionality,
  • Custom damage system,
  • Main pickup class,
  • Added hud,
  • Added generating dungeon UI,
  • Main enemy class,
  • Added first enemy,
  • Added target health UI,
  • Added all pickups,
  • Dissolve effect for dying enemies,
  • Player can be damaged now,

Day 5:

  • Skull perks added,
  • Level up screen added,
  • Added portal to next dungeon,
  • Player can now die by time,
  • Skull skills will now unlock on next dungeon,
  • Added Leaderboards,
  • Added summary screen,
  • Game loop in Dungeons finished,
  • Some balancing,

Day 6:

  • Home now react on next character,
  • Added research “minigame”,
  • Added cooking and finding special item,
  • Fixing AI,
  • Fixing performance,
  • Added tutorial UI,
  • Fixing issues with Cooked build ( https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/259342/bp-variable-default-value-resets-to-parent-bp-vari.html#comment-259344-form )
  • Some balancing,
  • Adding sounds,
  • Added more enemies,

Day 7:

  • Getting feedback,
  • Changing things,
  • Balancing,
  • Adding sounds,
  • Adding missing perks,

I was working 12-16 hours a day.

Used assets from Giants:
Epic Games
Manufactura K4
Dexsoft Games
Mister Necturus
Arabian Art Studios

Please let me know if there are parts of this prototype which could be explained in tutorials. 

Final Result

6 thoughts on “Epic MegaJam – Unspoken Chambers

  1. Wow this is amazing! Top notch stuff as usual!

    I’d be really interested in seeing how you achieved the dungeon generator with static lighting!

    I love the idea of procedural creation, since the player never has the same experience twice, but have never found a solution that can keep GI and baked lighting intact!

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